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Genomics has seen extraordinary growth since the 1990s and constitutes a major scientific challenge. The numerous genomics programmes carried out on plants led to the creation and proliferation of gene and genome fragment collections. The cloning of genomes into bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries is an invaluable tool for genome analysis, physical mapping, map-based cloning and sequencing projects. The french Ministry of Research acknowledged the strategic importance of these genomic resources and commissioned INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) to set up a Biological Resource Centre (BRC). BRCs are an essential part of the infrastructure underpinning biotechnology. They consist of service providers and repositories of biological material. dedicated to plant genome. In this context, the French Plant Genomic Resources Centre (CNRGV), unique in France, has been set up in 2004. CNRGV is a non-for-profit service centre for plant genomic resources.

AgroBRC-RARe : a network of Biological Resource Centres

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RARe is a research infrastructure on the French roadmap which brings together 5 networks (i.e. 5 pillars) of Biological Resource Centers (BRC) maintaining genetic, genomic and biological resources, produced and characterized by research on crops and model plant species, domestic animals and wild relatives, micro-organisms relevant for agronomy, food science and environment, environmental media and related organisms, and forests. RARe is a network of Biological Resource Centres and collections managed or co-managed by INRA, CIRAD, IRD and CNRS, in partnership with technical institutes and higher education institutions. The CNRGV is a part of the RARe "plant pillar" for plant genomic resources.

Scientific Publications

Scientific publications with CNRGV involvment

10 Years of Activity Report – 2014

CNRGV Activity Report 2014

In 2014, the CNRGV celebrated 10 years of activity, on this occasion an activity report was written.

This document trace a decade of creation and management of plant genomic resources as well as the scientific collaborations conducted with the actors of the public and private international community.

It also presents an overview of the issues of plant genomic towards crucial questions, like the climatic changes and demographic evolution.

CNRGV - Activity Report 2014 - Plant Genomic Center.pdf

The CNRGV rewarded by the 2012 INRA awards

remise lauriers Hélène

The 2012 INRA award rewards the CNRGV and Hélène Bergès


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