An Irys® Instrument (BioNano Genomics) to analyze complex genomes

In order to have a better understanding of complex genomes the CNRGV has invested in an Irys® Instrument from BioNano Genomics ( This technology allows the rapid construction of physical whole genome maps which are very helpful for genome assembly and comparison of structural variation in different genotypes.

Optical Mapping is based on direct visualization of kilobases DNA molecules labeled on specific sequences patterns. A single chip composed of two flowcells has a throughput of 50 to 100 Gb. A minimum of 50X coverage is needed for de novo assembly of a genome.

The CNRGV has already planned several genomes analyzes and have started by the Sunflower genome in the frame of the SUNRISE project (



Xiao, Shijun, et al. Rapid construction of genome map forlarge yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea) by the whole-genome mapping in BioNano Genomics Irys system. BMC Genomics (2015); 16:670

Hastie, A.R., et al. Rapid Genome Mapping in Nanochannel Arrays for Highly Complete and Accurate De Novo Sequence Assembly of the Complex Aegilops tauschii Genome. PLoS ONE (2013); 8(2): e55864

Lam, E.T., et al. Genome mapping on Nanochannel arrays for structural variation analysis and sequence assembly. Nature Biotechnology (2012); 30(8):771





Irys BioNano Genomics chip


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