Robotic services

The CNRGV has set up a complete robotic range dedicated to genomic resources handling and treatment.

This leading-edge equipment allows the CNRGV to support most genomic projects that require reliable and high-throughput treatment of large numbers of samples. Robots are most frequently used in bacterial colony organization, bacterial clone rearraying and DNA extraction. However we will consider the needs of any project and will always do our very best to meet your project needs.

For both process microtiter plates are identified by a unique bar code. The growth of each bacterial clones is checked.  GenoLIMS, our information management system, ensure the full traceability of the whole process.

Automated Colony Picking

Automated colony picking service

An automated station is used to organize recombinant clones on microplates both rapidly and reliably. Bacterial clones plated on a Petri dish are picked by a high-throughput automated station (QpixII-XT) and are inoculated in 96-well or 384-well microtiter plates.



Bacterial clones rearraying aims to select a subset of clones within a library. Based on a predefined list, the selected clones are reorganized on 96-well or 384-well microtiter plates. Bacterial clones are rearranged by a high-throughput automated station (QpixII-XT).